Thursday, 27 October 2016

Orgasm And Headaches

It is become a joke that a woman not in the mood shall say she is got a headache, but if you have ever had a headache after performing sex, you know it is no laughing matter and way above it some serious issue.

Imagine feeling yourself lost in pleasure while sexual experience when suddenly the inside of your head feels like it has been gripped in a vice. The headache, which seems to come out of nowhere, totally interrupts the moment and what is worse is that it is completely crazy. Relationship and sex therapist explained that while these headaches are not generally life-threatening, they sometimes do reflect a very serious underlying condition.

What exactly is a Sexual Headache? It is a headache that takes place before or while sexual intercourse, at the time of orgasm, or just after sex. Often it is a pain in the back of the head, or it can be on one side or all over the head. It can be a dull ache or a severe jabbing pain. Pain with orgasm is often described as knife-like.

Alcohol use and medications used to reduce erectile dysfunction (the PDE5 drugs Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra), may cause headaches, but since the headaches are from the drug — regardless of whether there is sexual activity — they are not classified as HSAs.

Who Gets Sexual Headaches? Both the man and woman get sexual headaches. Some experience headaches on a regular basis, while others only are seen to encounter sexual basis on some rare occasions. Risk of getting HAS, a person is more likely for suffering from HSAs if they have had migraine headaches, tension headaches or some other headaches. Alcohol use and medical used for reducing erectile dysfunction like Fildena Super Active may lead cause headaches but since the headaches are from the medicine, regardless there is sexual activity, they are not classifies as HSAs.

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What are dangers of headaches with sex? The headache shall be an indication of some more serious underlying condition. Some of the possible conditions include:
  • Bleeding into brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage, subdural hematoma)
  • Brain tumor
  • Low blood pressure (that possibly occurs from medications or hidden blood loss)
  • Serious neck vertebral disease
  • Inflammation of brain

First time you experience a headache with sex or anytime you can describe the pain as the “worst headache in life” you should seek prompt medical evaluation. The same goes for a headache with the accompanying symptoms like: vomiting, stiff neck, confusion or decreased coordination within various parts of body. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Things That A Lady Looks Out In Her Date

Number of men and women are still trying to crack what works and what does not for the opposite sex. Despite of the grand assortment and of tips and advice of being offered by the internet, magazines and best friends, we usually follow our heart and make our own mistakes. Dating is not for the faint hearted, but when you find ‘the one’, it is all worth madness, In the meantime, it also helps to know what the opposite sex is actually thinking sitting across the table on a date. So here are some things that a lady needs in her date….

If you're calling it a date, dress well for it!: It is the first opportunity for getting to know each other and since both of you have been courageous enough to call it a date, it is definitely a special occasion. A guy that knows what looks good on him and carries it off with complete modesty and charm, is a huge turn on for any gift. What a man wears should enhance his personality and not distract from it. Needless to say, body odor of the slightest kind is a total deal breaker for women.

Some chivalry would work well: Getting the lady a drink, holding that door open and dripping her home, have absolutely nothing to do with girl’s independency. The charm of being on a date or even in a relationship for that matter, is to feel cared of. Every door does not need to be held open and ever chair does not need to be pulled out for her. But on a date…. absolutely yes!

Say what you mean and mean what you actually say: A guy with an intellect and humility is a sure shot, guaranteed turn on for any women. It takes a girl less than 10 minutes for figuring out if the guy across the table has several qualities. What really helps is if you stick to a language you are comfortable with, grammatical mistakes and SMS abbreviations in spoken language are hilarious not endearing.

Don't be shy: Be generous with giving compliments and praise. That is what actually makes a man stand out. An honest “I really enjoyed this and would love to see you more” is a zillion times better than a pick up line in world. Tell her that you take Fildena 50 for impotence issue. Erectile Dysfunction in men is a common issue and taking Fildena 50 is no harm if consumed in moderation. In fact, Fildena 50 shall boost up penile performance and help impotent men to gain better erection for intercourse.

Be yourself: When you actually try to be someone you are not, you are being a clown. Everyone has their various flaws to show off. It is not so hard to just be your normal self. Try it!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Body Language Challenge

Challenge No. 1: Simply imagine that you are single. Your not-yet spouse and are sitting across room from you. Simply send him or her messages through your body language and tell them that you need to ask them out for a date. Will your partner interpret that your signals are perfectly okay?

Challenge No. 2: In case you need to go on a date night; simply write down all of the body language signals that you could use for communicating with each other and your personal intent for going on a date night. Make sure that you include every signal imaginable. For example: in case you are moving closer to let him or her make sure that you know and want to spend time with them.

Discussing body language challenge
Challenge No. 1 Results:
In case you tried this body challenge with your spouse, did either of you laugh while performing it? The reason people start laughing while this exercise is because each of you actually realizes that how silly you look when you are trying to send body language signals to your partner. On the other hand, while trying to read another person’s body language, you feel like you are actually trying to read the person’s mind. Reading minds is actually a skill that most people admit they do not possess. In case you cannot read minds, being precise with body language does not work either.

For the body language to be an effective means of commination with people, everyone needs to use the same signals for delivering their thoughts. Since every person reads “The Looks” signals differently, you cannot actually guarantee the correct interpretation of body language.

Challenge No. 2 Results:
Simply share the answers that you get while performing this challenge with your spouse. In case you wrote it down every possible body language signal, which you would be writing for days that shall include flirting for fun, letting a person know you are attracted to them, sending certain signal that you actually want to kiss them, etc. Since an infinite number of signals do exists for showing up to your partner, knowing that all of them are literally impossible to happen. Also make sure that you notice how many different items you wrote compared to your spouse.

Body Language Challenge that is mentioned above shows you multiple examples of how your body language shall lead to certain cause confusion and misunderstanding between two individuals on a date or in a certain relationship. Each of the examples mentioned above belong to a real-life scenario, which frequently happens to number of people. Each challenge are proved by body language is not accurate. We shall also need to use a better form of communication.

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Cause of Divorce May Not Be What You Think

The Assignment of knowing the reason for divorce serves the purpose of unearthing long-buried and certain memories. Just by recounting the stories, a couple is known to be more likely to feel love for their spouse. With some little intention, certain emotion of people can drastically change.  Here are some five things that people except to do every day and that shall reconnect with the spouse.

Pray about some specifics of your spouse’s day: Not only this shall remind you of the work of God in your life, but it shall also need you to know the specifics of your spouse’s day and shall make you wonder how their day shall turn out
Never forget to kiss goodbye or hello: This is a physical and emotional that serves as a reminder of the union between a husband and wife. Make this act such habits that even if you kiss, leave and return, and you kiss again!
Call, text or email at least once in a day to check-in: You can simply update one another on how the day going through various means. You can discuss any needs for the evening and make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the schedule for the night
Have at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted conservation: Spend at least 5 minutes in morning or at night, as relationships demand conversations: Simply turn off the television, put down the phone and talk to each other.  This shall be more difficult for couples with young children, but make sure to find a way for making it happen. Remember, if you were having an affair, you find time to engage in that affair no matter how busy you are, so make time for your spouse and talk
Hug for at least 30 seconds as many times as you can: Before you leave for work or after you come home and as you go to bed, have an extended physical embrace which reminds your body, soul and mind of your deep connection with this other person. Studies have shown that hugging reduces blood-pressure, as it also connects you with the person you hug. Physical touch must be more than just making out. But truly embracing every day, each partner shall feel more values and loved

These 5 aspects are important for maintaining healthy relationship, if you skip or do not follow any one of it, it shall lead to you be apart from your partner and shall make you lose affection for each other. On a greater scale this shall also be the cause of divorce between couples.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Get in ‘Weekend Sex Mood’: No Matter what the Day of the Week It Is!

Luckily, there are number of ways for enjoying a “weekend sex mood,” even in middle of the week when you actually what it to happen. Here are some of the top tips that shall help you create feel-good vibes, regardless, which day of the week it is:

·         Make sure to have a reminder about being ‘Real Me’
During week, we often tend for adopting professional personas. We carefully guard our speech for making sure that we are behaving impeccably from within the workplace. That is actually a great thing but it can also make us feel very isolated from our true selves. Staying connected to the ‘Real Me’ in many ways, but one way is through the small pink streak I have in my hair. Whenever I look into myself in mirror or catch a simple flash of pink hair in my peripheral vision, it tends to get a smile to my face. It also reminds me of inner Laura, which is one who is playful, vibrant, mischievous, and completely free.

·         Get into nature more
Another way for awakening a weekend mood is by simply getting outdoors. You do not necessarily have to go for a run or some bike ride (although that can be actually fun!), but find some other ways for getting connect to magnificence that is our universe. Perhaps it is gone opening right from bedroom window and looking at night sky before you plan to sleep. Breathe in the night air in open through nature and look at the stars. Find yourself in the rhythm of natural world

·         Ground yourself
Having mediation daily is known to be the key for clear mind and light spirit. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes every day meditating and quieting for your mind. Do not worry about mediating ‘the right way.’ All you have to do just sit in stillness and perform meditation. Simply try to empty your mind that is full of thought, but when thoughts arrive, do not hold onto them or get frustrated. Just make sure that you observe thoughts and release them.

·         Be like melting snow and wash yourself of yourself
Beautiful line of poetry shall make you remember about constantly letting go of our expectations and some rigid definitions of self. You are more than a lawyer, welder, administrative assistant, etc. You are known to be the universe that are experiencing itself just as a wave is whole ocean in one drop, so too are you known to be the whole universe in one drop. Your job is what you do and it is not who are.

·         Hang post-it notes with some inspiring quotes around office and at home
Make sure you place some reminders around your workplace, which will help you to stay grounded and connected to your true self. Perhaps it is a picture of you in a moment of having some pure joy and peace like playing with your daughter on the beach.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tips for Finding Inspiration in Your Partner

Inspiration can be found and collected from everywhere. It can be gained from nature, media, people, and your own thoughts. With a life filled with complete inspiration is one that is filled with passion, happiness, and some desire for wanting more.

Learn From Each Other
Although you should not strive for being exactly like your partner, being able to admire their talents and need to learn from them is a great way to stay connected. Is your partner an amazing cook? Make sure you spend some days every week for cooking together, with your partner showing you all their favourite dishes and some important techniques. Eventually you can cook something special for them and they can appreciate you for taking such a strong interest in their own skills.

Help Each Other To Grow
Relationship grows stagnant when partners usually stop growing both independently and together. Being able to see your partner’s strengths and getting inspired by them shall help you to keep growing in correct direction and bring you closer together as a couple.
Cheesy saying “You make me a better person” is only true in case you stay inspired by your partner and continue growing throughout your relationship every day.

Appreciate All Small Positive Traits
It is simple for getting caught up in some small negative behaviors of your partner and simply forgets all amazing traits that they have to offer the partner. In case you are not feeling inspired by your partner simply makes sure to take a look at some of their greatest qualities of theirs. Are they generous, family oriented or some hard workers?
Actively thinking about various ways that your partner inspires you shall not only lead you to enhance your own life, but remind you to appreciate your partner again. Little Loving Things exercise shall help you to remember how awesome your partner is on the daily basis.

Discover Positives in Every Aspect
It can be very hard for looking in the past one overwhelmingly inspiring trait about your partner. They could be amazing athletes or have some great work ethic, but do you see other qualities they have? You shall not have realized how comforting they can be when you have had a bad day, or how confident they are while performing in bed. If they are not confident in bed, he might be impotence. Fildena CT 50 chews composed of sildenafil citrate shall help such men to build up confidence of performance in bed. Fildena CT 50 shall help impotent men to work better in minutes. This Fildena CT 50 chewable pill is best for ED when consumed 30 minutes before intercourse. It helps men to stay active for hours.

Opposite Traits are Awesome

They usually say that opposites attract, but for some couples those opposite things in them are what can also tear them apart. In case your partner’s strengths are your weaknesses, do not get mad, get inspired by them! Your partner is easy going and you’re more organized. Simply recognize that both of such traits are strengths and you should look to each other for guidance when one is needed over the other.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Some Common Sex Myths Exposed

For making some matters worse, most of the couple suffers from a lack of education about their own bodies and about their sexual responses. Their culture is rife with certain myths about sex, and such distorted ideas about love-making shall impact the pleasure and other connection with their spouse. We want to help couples reclaim their sexual birthright, which is the right that we all have to enjoy sex, love, and intimacy as whole, vulnerable, and about some conscious people.

But, before you begin for embracing new ideas about sex and love, you first have to debunk some common sex myths! These include:

Men think about making out every 7 seconds. No way! Some men surely think about sex a lot (as do some women), but it is time that we actually we stop spreading message that men are always in mood and raring to go on for sex. Newer studies have debunked this myth about some time ago and it is time for it to die. Men have "off" days just like anyone else when they are not in the mood at all for making out.

Intercourse gets boring as you age. Nope. In fact, some research shows that most of the people report their sex lives actually enhances as they get older. Women in particular report enhanced confidence and certain sexual pleasure. This probably happens because they are more comfortable in their bodies, less inhibited, and unafraid for asking about what they actually need. So menopause is far from end of sexual pleasure, it could be just beginning of it

Size does matters. Not really. No matter the size of your penile, sexual satisfaction comes down for showing how giving, present, and passionate of a lover you are. Few women reach orgasm from simple intercourse anyway, so things including foreplay, oral sex, manual stimulation, sex toys, etc. can all make you an awesome lover regardless of your size. In case impotence issue the issue and you are not able to get the penile up at all, try Fildena Extra Power. The Fildena Extra Power pill composed of 150mg Sildenafil Citrate works over ED condition in minutes. This high powered Fildena Extra Power pill helps men to stay active for more than 6 hours

Great sex just happens with the flow. This is such a pervasive myth, which can really do great damage. People usually think that if they have to "work" at their sex life it actually means their passion is completely dead or that any sexual pleasure that they achieve is not authentic. That is just untrue. Like all other things worthwhile in this world, it actually takes effort to keep a sex life hot and passionate over years and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Remember, great intercourse actually takes effort but that does not mean it shall be boring, dull work. Instead, it can be passionate, soul-opening, and transformative; time and practice that shall help you become not only a better lover, but also help to be a better spouse and a better person.