Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Why Are Many Women Faking in Bed?

In case you are getting it on, chances are you have probably faked it at some point. Maybe your orgasm just was not going to happen or your head was still on project that you have left back at the office instead of in bedroom. As much as it sucks, it shall happen. But as per the new research that is presented at the British Psychological Society's Psychology of Women conference, some of women usually fake it for a more disheartening reason like: To end up unwanted sex.

In a small qualitative study, researchers nearly interviewed around 15 women between ages of 19 and 28 that had been sexually active for at least a year. Despite the fact that each of the woman in this study was recruited for taking about her consensual sexual experiences, all of them spoke about experiencing problematic, unwanted encounters at some point and to get out of the unwanted, un-pleasurable, or just plain "bad" sex, that they reported faking the big O.

While some women spoke just about faking orgasm in some positive ways, for instance, as a pleasurable experience, which heightened their own arousal, many women talked about feigning pleasure in the context of unwanted and un-pleasurable sexual experiences. Within such accounts, we were struck by degree for which women are being connected on the practice of faking orgasm to accounts of unwanted sex.

Of course, seeing as only 15 women were literally interviewed, this study does not necessarily reflect women's experiences as a whole. Still, findings are problematic for a couple of reasons. As per the researchers, faking it strategy can be tied for feeling as though you are in control of certain situation. They also note that it may seem, for number of women, like easiest way to end an encounter when, culturally, there are not a ton of options that are available for women otherwise. Obviously feeling like you are out of options, especially when it comes to sex, it is meant to be not at all cool.

Plus, the depressing findings shine like a light on need for expanding our sexual vocabularies. No matter what, you should not be performing intercourse unless you want to and have given consent. If you are not feeling it, there is never any shame in a simple, of saying “I'm just not into it tonight”

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Men Should Ejaculate Minimum 21 Times In a Month

The key for good prostate health might be in your own hands. As studies say ejaculating frequently shall lower your risk of getting affected by prostate cancer, which finds new research from the Boston University of Public Health.

The study looked at how ejaculation frequency affected prostate cancer risk over the course of about 18 years. It is found that the men ages from 20 to 29 years who ejaculated 21 times or more in each month were 19% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less often, between 4 and 7 times per month.

It wasn’t just young guys who saw the benefit. Men that were 40 to 49 years who ejaculated at least 21 times per month lowered their risk of developing prostate cancer by 22%.

However, more research is must for determining that is responsible for the link, but it also might be that more frequent clearing of the prostate issue, through ejaculation. It could cut the chances that tumor triggering infections that may develop there.

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So even ejaculating just a few more times each month can bring some benefits to your prostate. Plus, the act doesn’t matter whether you orgasm with your partner or on your own advantages of ejaculation are seen regardless of whether you are having intercourse or just masturbating!

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Some Shocking Sex Mistake Made by Millennials

Taking out one-night stands can be some perfect way for getting a little action (and all health benefits of making out) in case you are not looking for any commitment but only if you are doing them right. A scary number of millennials and Generation Zs are doing them literally wrong.

New survey of 1,000 sexually active teenagers and young adults those ages 15 to 25 years are found that most millennials and Gen Zs are not asking for consent or asking their partner about STDs or STIs like conditions before hooking up. Specifically, 79% of the relationships have neglected for asking consent and 84% have neglected to enquire about STDs. It is no wonder 68% of such individuals have regretted a one-night stand.

Survey was conducted that helps you establish consent, choice of protection, and to have safe word by having both of the partners record a verbal statement before doing deed. Certain survey demonstrates just how unacceptably lax people have gotten with protecting our sexual health. Along with alarming rises in both sexual assault and certain rape cases and STD issues rate, such pre-sex steps are critical for ensuring successful and safe casual sex. Without solidifying consent, make sure to use protection, and STD/STI status, you are putting yourself at risk for number of things, which could turn one night of pleasure into a physical, emotional, or legal pain in ass that lasts long after. And that is not even getting into the ‘emotional’ side of making out.

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The bottom line: Whether it takes an app, a little courage, or some tiny moment of patience, pressing pause before planning to get down and dirty is not an option, in fact it is a necessity.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Give Your Lovemaking Sensational Voices

Accessing deepest erotic selves can be as simple as just tapping into power of our own voice, exploring various ranges of sounds that we create in throes of intimacy and being comfortable uttering dirty words. Silencing our sexual sounds is an odd and yet remarkably common holdover from earliest sexual experiences, which can shroud our lovemaking sessions for some decades.

We should know that there is something primordial about sounds that sex generates, and whether you are in a new marriage or in one that has lasted over time, sounding out while making out brings both of you to a new level of vulnerability and intimacy.

Our sexy voice is usually different from our everyday communicating voice! Make sure to try out various ranges in your voice from low guttural whispers to high-pitched squeals. Experiment with tenor of your voice—moving between uncertainties and commanding various carried on with its own thrill.

Make sure to allow touch and sound to co-mingle and it shall undoubtedly surprise both you and your partner how tapping into sounds that your intimacy generates heightens both passion and connection that you share among yourself. Paying attention to layer of sound while lovemaking not only provides a deeper texture to your pleasure, but also helps you to clues into how clear communicating can be without words. Freeing your voices while making out is also a gateway that shall help you to find the language to ask for what you want in a multitude of ways in sex.

Expect a certain level of discomfort when you begin moving from guttural sounds and deep purrs them into certain words. One easy way for starting is to describe sensations of the moment. So, a sensual purring sound could easily slip into "I love the feel you create with your fingers on my..." Try to encourage your spouse for finding words as well, by asking questions like, "How do you like this motion on…"

Suddenly, words that seemed dirty earlier shall start to feel comfortable in your mouth, which by itself is a rush of sorts. Simply allow excitement for building as you talk with anticipation about what you are going to do to them next. Although most of us were taught of not to swear, in this sexy lingo that you share with your partner, some of most forbidden of curse words that comes up with meaning. I never got true intensity of the "F" word until it was being used forcefully in sex. Fildena Professional shall help if you are impotent. Your stiffer erection shall definitely arouse your mate. Fildena Professional shall keep you up till longer time and help you din in deep. Try Fildena Professional that shall enhance her sex voices.

Likewise, exchanging number of sanitary and clinical vagina and penis terms that are used for slang words and hold secret power and meaning shall simply feel natural, almost instinctive and invites you into a whole new level of play while lovemaking. And suddenly, talking dirty is not really dirty at all! In fact, embodying your erotic potential shall begin with giving it a voice.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rediscover Couple Time in Minutes

Getting a quality time for you and your spouse is much needed. Spending and getting couple time shall enhance your relationship and shall help to lead best married life together. There are some great ways to transform your relationship by spending more time together, which will also transform your mind, home and body. Below listed are few ideas:

Take classes together: Number of local high schools and colleges, religious organizations and community centers has continuing education classes, which are inexpensive or completely free. Lear a language together, a computer program, explores history of some favourite film, anything that interests both of you and is an opportunity to grow together. Learn about impotence if you have and search about Fildena XXX sildenafil citrate chew for ED. Fruity flavored chewable Fildena XXX is worth knowing and taking for erectile dysfunction condition. Lear more about Fildena XXX and use it properly.

Make a workout routine together: If you both like the gym, go together and work out together. If not, how about yoga classes or a walk or ride on bike? Look out for something physical to do together and you will be healthier, live longer, and can even take the kids! Furthermore, you will provide  the example of a healthy happy and romantic marriage on to your children.

Commit to a regular date night: Whether it is once in a month or once in a week, make sure that you spend your evening together, which shall be all about you as a couple. Get dressed up and look forward to celebrate your love for each other. In case money is tight, you can also pack a picnic and walk along the beach at sunset or visit a park. Making romance can be free; it is all about love that you feel not the amount you spend over making love. Regular date nights are another great example for your kids, it shall teach those boundaries and respect for your romantic relationship.

Turn mundane chores into opportunities for spending time together: Do you need to clean out garage, scrub pool or turn over the garden? Make sure you perform such chores as a couple or family project and make the work complete fun! You can even turn your chores into several opportunities to role play and find that afternoon delight!

Pick up your hobby or start some home-based business: Have you ever thought about building bird houses or start some organic garden at your place, learn a new cuisine or rebuild some classic car? Simply pick a dream hobby and apply it together. There are also numbers of multitude of businesses that you shall start from home, especially in the internet age. Simply start writing a blog, creating a website or writing a book and watch your relationship and your savings account grow together.

Meeting Sexual Fantasies

A central agent of the erotic act, of eroticism, is the imagination; only if that goes away, that is when the breakdown of desire often takes place. It is often told to the couples that the sexiest part of the body is their brain.  Usually, such posts try to get people understand that the connection between their olfactory system and the limbic section where memory, emotion and sexuality are activated. But the more people talk about it, the more they come to realize that this is also a key entry point to sexual imagination and the capacity for fantasy. We all possess our own personal brand of eroticism - how our imagination is transform sexuality, but we do not all have equal access to it.

By definition, marriage presents a safety and stability, which many of us crave, but it is taken too far the attachment for safety over mystery and separateness, which makes living together vital. This is where having the capacity and courage for accessing the imagination in our sexuality that can reinvigorate our relationships and intimate lives. When we close ourselves to the element of surprise, we suffocate what is mysterious, raw and evocative. Suffering with bad or mediocre sex in a marriage often has a lot to do with choosing safety over mystery and separateness, which makes living together between a couple vital tasks.

Applying imagination to sexuality is more than just the cliché ideas, which comes to mind for many people when they actually hear about the word “fantasy” and think of costumes, props and scripts in adult store. Allowing your imagination free-reign while lovemaking shall allow you to experience things that you cannot possibly act out. Fantasies can be heterosexual, homosexual, incestuous, tender, wild or bloodthirsty, do not block it and don’t be afraid of your partner’s fantasy, this is a dream you are living in. trust and intimacy bloom when couples risk sharing their most private thoughts with each other.

There are numbers of thoughts that are dancing through minds in sexual intimacy with a husband that a wife would not repeat even with themselves. They know that they are not alone in this. Simply start with allowing your fantasies to spark passion in your love making and as your intimacy warms up, so will your ability for exploring the idea of what fantasies you might actually share with your spouse.

In fact, what might surprise you even more is that the top four fantasies that you never thought you could tell anyone about actually occur to most of us. A poll of 10,000 people by men’s health found that both the men and women share some fantasies like self-pleasuring while their partner’s watches, experimenting with a variety of domination and submission roles, having sex in public, having sex after taking Fildena 50 or making porn clicks.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tips to Push Your Sexual Boundaries in Marriage

Love Tripper’s usually ask how to approach their partner about pushing their own relationship’s sexual boundaries. Questions usually arise in the mind includes, "How do I get my wife to try some anal sex?" or "My partner is not comfortable trying bondage stuff. What should I do now?"

Pushing up relationship’s sexual boundaries shall be a delicate subject, which is especially if one partner is a little more on conservative side. It is pretty open-minded and adventurous to share it, but people still approach certain acts apprehensively. With good quality of communication, and an open mind, below are some tips for you and your partner to push your sexual boundaries in Marriage.

Always start making love with talks
First and foremost you are required to have a very open, honest, and adult conversation that shall include everything about what new you want to try with your spouse. Being scared, apprehensive, and intimidated, especially in the bedroom is completely normal between couples. Simply talk about what type of new things you would like to try, keeping a very open mind, and do not judge your partner.

Make sure to educate yourselves completely
Naturally individuals afraid of what we do not know. Sit down with your husband or wife and do some research over things. Like look for best lubes for anal sex? Or most comfortable restraints while making out? Or check out our beginner's bondage guide that shall share some ideas on where to start. Not only will you be more prepared for session of making love, but the research itself will turn into foreplay really quickly! In case you are impotent, make sure you research together and try Fildena 25 pill. Fildena 25 sildenafil citrate composition shall help you to lead amazing intercourse. Fildena 25 will save the reason of being apart in marriage due to penile failure.

Never pressure each other for making out
It is very possible that all conversation and education in world will not change your spouse's mind about trying something new while session of making love. You have had an open and adult conversation, done enough research on anal sex, and if your spouse still doesn’t want to try it. Then you need to respect their wishes. Never think of pressurizing, or begging, or moping if you are not getting what you want.

Use trial and error method
Trial and error method is all part of fun! Just as the first time you tried deep throating did not go as well as you expected that does not mean you should not try it again. You can easily learn from your mistakes, adjust your techniques, have laugh about it, and keep trying it again. As we all  know practice makes perfect!

Be encouraging to each other
Confidence that we show can be really brittle when we are trying to do something new, especially if it is something, which will make you as a couple feel vulnerable like bondage. Constantly encourage each other, tell him how strong he is, tell her how sexy she looks every time and express how good it feels being together.

Take baby steps

Do not jump in with full on paddles and whips if you are never even blindfolded each other before. Just take one step a time, take it slow with each other. Tonight is a blind fold night, next time it is handcuffs. Once you start building some confidence in what you are doing you will be heading places that you would have never thought of.